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A JM Message

8th June 2006: A couple of days ago I received an email from an incredibly talented artist, giving me some incredibly useful information.  WSC episodes are on the web!!  I just can't believe that I have never found them before.  Anyway, the link is on the home page.  Recently, I did some updating - the cast members have been up to a lot since we last saw them (take a look at the new picture of Abeille Gelinas, hasn't she changed?!), so check out the Cast's pages, there's some recent stuff there.  The incredibly talented artist's name I mentioned earlier is Bente Schlick from Germany, and he has very kindly given me permission to put his pictues in the Fan Art section, take a look!  Seeing that and a snippet of the episodes from the web inspired me to dig out my old WSC videos, which I watched this morning, and I've been tempted to do some more updating.  Of course, this could all be my mind playing tricks on me in order to put off revising for my A Levels!  In a rare moment of personal information which may give a clue to who I am, I may be going to my own Weirdsister College in October - not Cambridge (I always preferred Cambridge actually!), but Oxford, sadly not while Fliss Jones is there (as she's graduating soon, see her page), but if you believe in magic, please do a little spell for me ;) 
10th July 2004: All Cast Bios finished, hoorah!!  That is officially all of the info I know on the Cast members.  It doesn't amount to much.  Found out half an hour ago the Christian Coulson is gay - didn't expect it, but good on him for coming out, kudos to CC, he plays a very convincing straight in Charles II - there's good acting for ya.  Right, got to work on the character profiles now, and ohmygod, FINALLY I found out that you CAN connect the TV to the computer.  Two years too late, I'm getting a load of screencaps, big hooray!!!!! 
5th July 2004: Been working on Cast Bios.  Sacha Dhawan is in a play right now!  I wish I lived in London and had enough money to go and see it :(
4th July 2004: Got rid of "Who are the fans?" page.  It is now simply a Guest Book.  Sadly removed forum and email newsletter.  Updated Home Page message.  More stuff in the works, don't worry.
HTML officially SUCKS.  All I am trying to do is create a couple of little internal links on my Links page to make it easier to categorise the links, but will the bloody coding work?  NO! a brainwave.  Looked at the Source of another web page which uses the piece of code.  Know how to do it, hoorah!
3rd July 2004 - Finally, all 13 Episode Guides are completed, HOORAH!
1st July 2004: Hopefully over the next few months I'll be doing quite a few updates to this site.  WSC may not be on the TV any more, but apparantly I had over 800 page views yesterday, and over 3000 last month.  Which gives me the shove I need to update.  Here is what I have done today:
1) Sorted out and updated Abeille Gelinas information.
2) Added two more episode guides - 6 and 7.  They're really hard work!!
16th March 2004: Well, it's been a while!  And it's nearly the second anniversary of this site!  Doesn't time fly??  Anyway, I've been a good little girl and updated the links page.  There's a couple of new ones on there, and I've edited some of the descriptions.  As you may or may not know, I'm back on the RPG, and things are steaming along - go us!!
29th December: Added three links to do with Bobby Barry to the Links Page (they're below the Evil Gnome's site link).  Added some info to the Gallery as well to do with Monster Bobby.  There's more info out there than there ever was when I started this site.  Happy New Year guys :)
21st March: Wow, in two days time it will be the first anniversary of this site.  How strange.  Well, anyway.  Since last time I have added Danika's RPG Character Profile and translated some stuff about Abeille Gelinas with the help of some very nice Canadians :)
1st January 2003: Happy New Year people!  As you can see, I haven't updated this site for quite some time, but now you have a couple more things to look at - Tanzy Tigereye has written a new fanfic called "Secrets of the Deep" which you can find in the Fan Fic Section, and has drawn a picture of Miss Cackle, which is in Fan Art.  I see that there is a demand for more pictures of the cast, which I shall try to find, but as you know, pictures are difficult to find!
26th August: Well well well, haven't I been a busy bee?  I have ferretted out goodness knows how many links to some great Worst Witch and Weirdsister Sites, collected goodness knows how much info about Abeille Gelinas, scanned in some stuff about Jaye Griffiths (Jenny Wendle) and made a "Gallery" which that lot is in.  Also, another RPG Profile submitted by Morphevs Axiom about his roommate.  Enjoy!  More coming soon!
10th August: Another link added, to Davinci5156's great site, all about Weirdsister and The Worst Witch.  Also added are a new WSC poll on the homepage and a Guest Book on the "Who Are The Fans?" page.  I will have more things on here soon, I promise.  I'm just all in the planning stages and not in the doing stages.  But I'll probably have another phase where suddenly you'll come back and there'll be a load of new things here!
5th August:  Just a few little tidbits.  Another amazing picture by Tanzy of Ethel on the FanArt page, and another RPG character profile of a new RPG character.  But coming up will be some screen grabs of your favourite WSC characters, and character profiles for them too.  But I don't know how long that will take, so hold on!!
30th June: Whoops, I put one of the links to another site as .com instead of .net.  Sorry seK 612! It's corrected now.
22nd April: Finished editing of Tanzy's Fan Fic.  Keep 'em coming Tanzy!  How about that one where they and HB all go riding on the beach together on unicorns? 
18th April: Coburn requests that "Ethel's Day" be taken off the site.  However if you wanna read the rest of it send me a comment form telling me and I'll tell him that it's wanted!  Tanzy Tigereye gives us her first piece of fanfic!  Hooray!  However, it's a bit jumbled 'cos the Site Builder automatically removes all apostrophies and speech marks so I'm reading the fanfic whilst putting them all back in!  Love ya! xxx  
12th April:  Coburn's written us another piece of fanfic!  Keep it coming!
8th April: Oops!  Little problem with Coburn's FanFic.  All sorted now though, and you should be able to view it!  The Forsyte Saga was on last night - loved it!  Did you see Jessica Fox (Enid Nightshade)?  She played a young June for about a minute.  The Worst Witch was on today!  Phew!  It was so good to watch it!  However, did you notice that Miss Hardbroom talked about sending Fenny and Gris to Weirdsister College - we never see them there!  And it seems that Milly and the gang skipped a year too!  Oh well, I guess we are the only ones who see these mistakes...
7th April: Hello again!  Yay - first piece on Fan Fiction up!  Many thanks go to Coburn Trent for writing it.  And don't forget the address to send more to:  And a special message to Tanzy Tigereye - I'm very much looking forward to reading all of your fan fiction, so get it in!
6th April:  Hi Guys and girls!  Today I thought - who needs a Site Updates page?  Nobody.  So I'm changing it to a kind of diary, but not exactly.  You'll just get a message from me every so often.  Hope that's better than a site update!  Well, this site is getting under way very nicely.  The Interact Page still needs a few more tweaks to it, but after that, it should be all set up.  Please join the newsletter - it'll be great fun, and you don't need to give out too much personal info except your name and email.  I'll see you again soon!  JM xxx
23rd March 2002: Site begun!!