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RPG Character Profiles

If you have been to the RPG site, you may wish to know a little about the people in it...

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Coburn Trent.           Hair Colour; Dark Blonde.
Age;18                  Eye Colour; Blue.
DOB;june 16 1983        Height; 5' 10"
Past. Coburn was raised in the arts of the Goetia in the Scottish
mountains by the reincarnation of King Solomon. The Goetia is a
legendary grimorie telling of the summoning of the chief 72 spirits.
He does not know he biological parents nor why they gave him away,
all his master would say is that they saw fit to have him practice
the arts, this has left him a little unwhole.
     Coburn was secluded for so long undergoing the rigours of
shamanism and spell casting and spirit calling that he had no idea of
the real world, so his master sent him to WSC to learn about life.
Falling head over heels with Ethel Hallow he is finding it difficult
to accept her rejection so he cast a spell on her, knowing full well
it was wrong, to make her love him. He is now very happy, eventhough
he knows what she is feeling is an implant from the spirit FURFUR.
Most Likely To Say; "I don't want to disgrace my Mster."
Least Likely to Say; "I hate Ethel so much right now."
Submitted by Coburn Trent

David Plumtree.                Hair Colour; Brown
Age;18                         Eye Colour: Brown
DOB; January 12 1983           Height; 5'7"
Past. Living a normal life in Newcastle he attended Merlin's school
for wizards and graduated with moderate scores before coming to WSC.
While not the brightest bulb in the box nor the greatest practicer of
magic, he excels at dimensional magic and Phase Shifting. The
friendship with Coburn is just beginning and quite casual but he
feels sure he has found a good friend in him.
Most Likely To Say; "I know thousands of scientific formula and
equations, doesn't mean I know their answers."
Least Likely To Say; "I'll have all my homework done in a flash."
Sumitted by Coburn Trent

Full Name: Jennifer Moonbeam
More Often Called: Jennifer, Jen, J, Moonbeam.
High School: Cackle's Academy for Witches
College: Weirdsister College, Cambridge
High School Achievements: Broomstick Aptitude Test - passed with Flying Colours; Witches Higher Certificate - Grade A in Potions, Grade A in Elementary Spellcasting.
Weirdsister 1st Year Achievements: Magic Foundation Grade A.
Weirdsister 2nd Year Achievements: Potions - Grade A, Abstract Spellcasting - Grade A*, History of Magic  - Grade B+, Alchemy - Grade A.
Weirdsister 3rd Year Achievements: Abstract Magic Higher Level - Grade A, Magic Philosophy Foundation - Grade A.
Magic Courses Taken Outside of School: Basic Lecturing (95% mark), Advanced Lecturing (85% mark), Professorship of Magic Philosophy  (MPhP), (Mark - 95%)
Other Weirdsister Responsibilities: Runs a study group on Practical Healing Magic and does two afternoons a week at the Witch Practice 'COSMIC CIRCLE CONSULTATIONS,' in Cambridge.
Hair Colour: Mousy brownish/greyish (a mixture of just about everything)
Eye colour: speckled green
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Past: Jennifer Moonbeam was brought up by her mother, Jane, and her father Henry Moonbeam.  Her mother was a Practical Healing Witch and ran a Witch Practice, which explains where Jennifer got her interest from.  Her father, Henry Moonbeam, was one of the originial "Wizards of Theory," who were the forefathers of Abstract Magic as we know it today.  Jennifer also inherited a talent for Abstract Spellcasting.  Henry and Jane Moonbeam both died at around the same time, leaving their daughters (Jennifer and Kate) in turmoil.  Kate is only Jennifer's half sister - instead of the name Moonbeam, she takes the name Sunbeam.  Jennifer knows who her father is, but is not permitted to tell Kate through reasons which she hasn't so far revealed. 
Jennifer went to Weirdsister College, Cambridge, and studied there for three years.  She gained her highest marks in Abstract Spellcasting, Alchemy and Magic Philosophy.  She left Weirdsister, and for around 6 or 7 months she slogged for 14 hours a day to study for 3 more exams - Beginners Lecturing, Advanced Lecturing, and a Magical Philosophy Professorship.  (All that kept her going was Magical Coffee.)  However, she achieved good results.  She applied for a job at Weirdsister before she had her Professorship results back, but was taken on anyway.  When they came through, they were very pleasing, and she is now continuing her life as normal (or as normal as you can get at Weirdsister). 
Most Likely to Say: "Can I help you?"
Least Likely to Say: "I'm sure I can skip a lecture just this once."
Submitted by Jennifer Moonbeam

Name: Morphevs Axiom
Date of Birth: Jan 29th      Age:17         Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Deep Blue
Past: The youngest of three siblings of Ian and Maire, living in
the US, descendants of the esteemed Axiom clan. The family tree has
been traced as far back as Imhotep, of the 3rd Dynasty, and one unverified
branch to the illegitimate daughter of Leonardo Da Vinci. Many other
less known members of the Axiom clan are known to have developed many of the major advancements in society and human kind. It is also believed
that ancestors were responsible for Stonehenge and the ascension of the
Mayan civilization.
Most Likely to Say: The line between genius and insanity is measured
only by success.
Least Likely to Say: I told you so.
Other Stuff: Morphevs, raised to believe that everybody is born with a
different natural magic, but that most have not learned to detect their
gift, he has yet to understand his. Emanation of all kinds of music,
not just that he plays instruments well, but that he walks through life
with a soundtrack, following him around like his shadow. Occasionally
while suffering migraines he can hear the music from the objects near
him. Madness maybe. Morphevs reaches for technology to interact in day to
day issues, being the inventor type, with his gadgets and the like.
Recently graduating from Thomas Jefferson Tech High School, upon approval
by the all seeing eye, he wants to attend Weirdsister to expand his
abilities and to find the purpose for his musical magic. Dr Starfinder and
Professor Shakeshaft have both shown an interest in studying Morphevs,
to help with his difficulties, and have offered to sponsor and mentor
his craft learning to bring him up to speed with the other stude!
nts. Principal Thunderblast has serious concerns about the admission of
a student from a non-magic school and the effect on the other students
and school standards. She is considering a part time program to
minimize the disruption and to encourage him to get a job off campus to keep
him out of trouble. That is after seeing him flirting with Mildred
Hubble while touring the campus. Millie being raptured, enchanted by his
stare, he certainly is quite the character that one.
Submitted by Morphevs Axiom
Name: Alasdaire Lichtningboldt  (Alister Lightningbolt)
Date of Birth: November 11th   Age: 18  Height: 5'2"
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Forest Green
Past: Diplomiert oben die schule.   Das Nikolaus Zauberstahl Institut über Hexerei und Zauberei. or
Graduated at the top of the school.   The Nicolas Magicsteel Institute
of  Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Gewann die Trophäe Holzwolle das alt magisch schachspiel -or- Won the
Excelsior Trophy at old magic chess.
Parents - Dietrich, from Old High German, diot "people" + rik "ruler", and Erika, Nordic for "all powerful", raised Alister in a Swiss/German settlement outside Konstanz, Germany. Alister excels in creating small but powerful fields of energy similar to electro-magnetism without attracting objects to it.
Note from Morphevs: The emphasis on small because he has been flying under Nick Hobbes magic radar until now. Alister is coming out of being just a student in the crowd and had only made friends with other students until now. Alister is a free agent to the rpg, and anybody can make storyline as him or just interact with him because, he was only created to be a roommate for
Submitted by Morphevs Axiom

Name: Danika
Date of Birth: December 9th
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: A Mixture...Brown in the centre, then green, surrouded by a dark
blue ring.
Past: Danika has always had a serious knack for magick, but her family
moved to Australia when she was just 7. With a craving for a more
'in-depth' magickal education, she moved back to England (where she was
born) at the age of 16. She now attends Weirdsister College.
Most Likely to Say: "Im bored....i know! Lets go out?!" or "Im sorry,
what did you say? I was off in a world of my own!"
Least Likely to Say: "I just cant go out tonight...I HAVE to study for
this exam, my life depends on it!!!"
Other Stuff: Danika has never been the top of any classes, except for
anything that involves art...the only time she can truly express her
creativity. She is usually at the back of the class, daydreaming about
something or other...this seems to be the main reason for her grades not
being as good as they could be, but in general she is quite an
intelligent young witch!
She has only recently begun attending Weirdsister, which explains her
shy and quiet behaviour. But once she finds she has something in common
with a person, they see a whole new side to her!!! Danika is really
quite a bubbly person, with a keen sense of humour. She has a passion for
all things magickal in the world, and stands strongly by her beliefs,
morals and what she feels is right.  Submitted by Danika
JM: I'd like to apologise for this being so small, but something appears to have gone awry somewhere and I just can't fix it :(

Name: Celine Hardbroom DOB: December 20, 1986 Height: 5"10 Weight: 115 lbs. Celine is the descendent of many successful Hardbrooms. She was raised in a magical family with her mother being half-elf, and her father being a normal wizard.Therefore both Celine and her daughter are part elf. She is the niece of Miss Constance Hardbroom, former Deputy Headmistress of Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches and has recently learned levitation. She is a very talented young witch and has the talent of making mental objects appear out of thin air. Her faithful compainion is her sleek black cat Stardust. Celine also has a newborn daughter Wonder Constance Morgana Hardbroom, as does her Aunt Constance-Constance Nightstar Lynn Hardbroom who is affectionately known as Star. Miss Hardbroom has recently accepted a lecturing job at Weirdsister College. Celine shares her residence at the Maiden's Hall with the other apprentice witches-a few of her best friends being Tanzy Tigereye, Kate Sunbeam, and Dusty Sun. Celine hopes to further her Witch Education.

Name:  Matthias Zivick   
DOB: August 13th   Age: 18   Height: 5'11"
Hair: straight black, shoulder length
Eyes:  Dark brown
Past:  Born in Worgl Austria. Attended the Nicolas Magicsteel Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Graduated with the Sword of Honor. Developed early on, many stong abilities and understanding, things supernatural and clairvoyant.