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Links Page

Any other Weirdsister or Worst Witch Websites you think you should share?  Look here: - the Official WSC website (no longer functioning). - A Weirdsister RPG based at Yahoo.  Come and join up - be part of the college! - Weirdsister College fansite with great downloads, graphics and episode guide. - I went on this recently, and someone has obviously been taking care of it.  Guides for episodes 1, 2, 9, and 10, and some cast bios. - ignore the words "Harry Potter."  Scroll down the page to get to her Worst Witch section.  There is a fanfic by the webmistress, but the info is mainly about the Worst Witch movie. - An excellent site, mainly about the Worst Witch, but with lots of screen grabs and content about Weirdsister.  Contains lots of extras, including the WSC theme. - Another truly excellent site all about The Worst Witch.  Lots of information, lots and lots of pictures and great graphics, along with a load of info about the cast that I never knew before. - Hilarious site that put up a link to mine even though it took her an hour.  I apologise.  You HAVE to visit this site - the Evil Gnome is a comedy genius. - Worst Witch Site containing a cast list (very thorough), pictures (lots), episode guides (with best lines) and a bit about the books. - The "Unfairground."  Looks very flashy from the outside, but unfortunately not completed yet.  However, it still has a message board and if the rest of the site looks like the two pages we've seen, it should be good.  I'll tell you when it's done. - A great photo gallery, but mainly linking to Davinci's Worst Witch website.  Great for photos though.  The WSC ones are right at the end. - A brief site containing episode guides, links and a message board. - An official site by Galafilm - the main feature of this site is the video downloads, where you can see clips from the series, but unless you have a modem which downloads things fast, it might take a while. - A simple but effective site.  Lots of pictures and an episode guide. - If you go down to the bottom of this page, there should be a small amount of info on Bobby Barry.  And in case you can't find it, or it disappears, I'm going to put up the info here.  Two people sent me this link, so thank you to both of them! - "Monster Bobby on the Most Over-Rated Recording Artists of All-Time."  WARNING - contains strong language. - An article by Bobby Barry's old college on his debut in the film "New Year's Day." - Currently the twelfth review down, but you may have to scroll further than that.  Review of Bobby Barry's three-single CD.  Contains one use of strong language. - Maggie's Kate Duchene page.  Pictures, a filmography, and an address to contact her. -  This was built a while ago and hasn't been updated for ages.  It has some great JavaScript programs on it, including "SuperMaud" which is a game where you play Maud, you have to kill the evil Ethels, collect the gold coins, and rescue the guy who made up the site.  The only problem is, once you close the window, nobody else can access it for another hour because it has exceeded its allocated data transfer. - (Under Construction) All about the actor who plays Ben in Weirdsister College (this is an unofficial site).