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Abeille Gelinas

Abeille Violaine Myriam Éloïse Gélinas (her real name is Violaine, but she prefers to be called Abeille - Anouk who lives in Montreal told me that Abeille means "Bee" in French and English, and she chose this because when she was little her hair used to turn out yellow like bees!  Well, now we know! Thanks Anouk :) ), born on 12th July 1979.  She has played many characters in French TV shows and films, but her most famous role to date is Cas Crowfeather of Weirdsister College.
She lives in Los Angeles, is fluent in French and English (among having many other talents), and according to the IMDb, she is quoted:
(About Weirdsister College) "Coming to the end of the show is a bittersweet feeling. It's nice that I'm going back home to see my family and my dog again, but it's just so intense for three months with the same people every day and then it's suddenly 'okay, goodbye' and I'm going to another country."

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