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Fan Fiction

Phew!  At last - some Fan Fiction!  There may be only a few bits here at the moment - but remember, more is welcome! is the address to send it to.

This is the first part of a story by one of Weirdsister's biggest fans, Coburn Trent.  It is all about Hobbes and his exploration of the Goetia art.  Any chance of a sequal Coburn??
Another one of Weirdsister's most dedicated fans.  This story is all about Miss Hardbroom (Tanzy's favourite character).  HB turns up at Weirdsister unexpectedly, and Milly helps her solve a problem concerning a black cat...
My first ever piece of fanfiction!  I actually started writing this before the episode "Shaky Foundations" was shown, so as far as it being a potential Weirdsister plot goes - it doesn't work.  So please look on it as an alternative episode.  It is all about Starfinder's time-travel experiments, but Ethel and Hobbes have a better idea based on something that Milly did at Cackles.... 
The excellent sequel to "Morgana's True Identity" by Tanzy.  When the Weirdsister College students take a trip to Secret Shores, a holiday resort for witches and wizards, Hobbes and Ethel decide to make the trip more exciting by trying to find the origin of an old legend, and it's up to Miss Hardbroom and her niece Louise, to stop them.