Weirdsister College - The Unofficial Fan Club
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The main questions I receive are:
  1. "Is there a DVD of the series?"  Answer: sadly not.
  2. "Will there be any more series?" Answer: sadly, probably not.
  3. "I miss Weirdsister, can I see it again?"  Answer: yes, you can, click here.

Welcome to the Weirdsister College Fan Site.  This site is for fans (obviously) who have a complete and utter delirious love of the show, who want to find out about all the various aspects of WSC (from how you pronounce the spells to who the cast are, who produced it, and other small details like that), and want to read and write fan-fiction.  This is the unofficial Weirdsister College fan club - all you have to join, is be a fan!  And dont forget either to scroll down this page because there's a bit of stuff at the bottom. :)
QUESTION: Why is there no longer a forum on this site? 
ANSWER: Sadly, Bravenet have decided to discontinue this service for Tripod site owners, so I have had to remove it.
QUESTION: Where is the old email newsletter? 
ANSWER: The Constant Contact service I signed up for was a free trial which was only free up 50 members.  67 people joined up, and I hadn't sent out a newsletter in a long time anyway, hence = no more newsletter.

Hi I'm Jennifer Moonbeam, MAJOR Weirdsister College fan and dedicated to providing you with a safe haven to come and enjoy the show while you are not actually watching it.  Unfortunately, Weirdsister College's future looks doubtful - there are no plans that I know of to bring in a new series, and a chance of CITV repeats doesn't look promising.  But as long as you enjoy watching your recorded episodes (if you did what I did!!), there will always be Weirdsister fans!  Bye!