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Dr Andrew Starfinder

Played by Eric Loren

Dr Andy Starfinder is a young, dynamic lecturer from New York, whose mission is to come to Weirdsister and conduct experiments that he believes will change the face of magic.  He believes in science, and finding the scientific principles behind the magic, not in tradition and the traditional rules which have governed the use of magic for centuries.
His unwillingness to accept tradition ultimately get him into trouble - in Episode 2 the Beetle tries to warn him about the tradition of not practicing any magic on Fridays, however before she can explain to him that this is because the Bus Spell discharges all its negative energy on Fridays, he says it is not her place to tell him when he cannot teach, and walks out.  Of course, when he conducts his lecture, the negative effects rebound on them all.
Starfinder's main experiments are with time, and trying to find a way to counter the "Foster's Effect," the law that states that whatever magic you do, there will be a negative consequence that rebounds on you.  At first he builds a machine that stores the Foster's Effect, but it gets too full and explodes on his class!  His experiments in time lead Nick Hobbes to return to the past and discover the principle of "eggs" which store negative energy.  Hobbes shows this idea to Starfinder, who begins to store the negative energy of the Foster's Effect inside these eggs.  Ultimately, of course, Hobbes begins to use the eggs for his own ends, and when The Whisperer is released from the walls of Weirdsister, he traps Starfinder in one of them.
Dr Starfinder is a likeable, although slightly arrogant man, who really inspires his students.  But maybe being trapped in an egg will teach him not to mess with traditions any longer.

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